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Seriously, what the fuck. O.o

Apparently S02E02 of Merlin is to be called "The Once and Future Queen."



Okay, so it probably just means Uther's going to marry a troll, as hinted at in the season preview (which... I swear to you I have ACTUALLY READ THAT FIC. No, seriously. I am not making this up.) but still. Let's just say, I have been watching a lot of Queer as Folk lately, and the image of Arthur in a sequin-y dress with tons of sparkly makeup and high heels with rhinestones all over them WILL NOT LEAVE MY BRAIN. Oh, Show. You do love me. _ :D

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The British Queer as Folk, or the American Queer as Folk? Your answer determines whether this show is Doctor Who's sibling or it's cousin.

Also, the little red heart eyes you made are adorable!

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American. I know nothing about the British QaF except that it was made by Russel T Davies, which, you know. BOOOOO. D: He is not in our favour. (appropriate spelling is appropriate.)

And, thank you! HTML is my bitch, yo.

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Is Children of Earth the reason he's not in our favor? Because other than a couple of weak points in the Doctor Who series finales I have nothing against him. :)

The only reason this icon is coming out is that I have had no reason to use it yet. Poor thing. It needs the light of day!

Also, everyone knows that Lex Luthor gains all his power from juice *nods sagely as if she has a clue what the hell she is talking about*

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And fandom once more beats canon to a plausible plotline. I'm so proud.*wipes tear* Also that proves that the creators just can't be blind to the gay. It's IMPOSSIBLE. Not with a title like that.