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[fic] Brains: A Love Story

Written for the [ profile] hc_bingo prompt: zombie apocalypse. See my bingo card.

Title: Brains: A Love Story
Author: [ profile] nianeyna
Fandom: J2
Genre: h/c, crack, au, zombies!
Rating: R for gore
Length: 1500 words
Author's Notes: Pretty much all I know about Jared and Jensen is that apparently they're in some show together or something, can't quite remember what that's called. XD In that vein, does anyone on my flist know where I might post this? I'm not really in J2 fandom, obviously. All of the credit blame for this story goes to [ profile] dreamwaffles, without whom I would have written something completely different and much less cracktastic for this fill. It is dedicated to [ profile] brainmissing, because the day that I write a crack hurt/comfort zombie apocalypse J2 AU about zombies in love and don’t dedicate it to [ profile] brainmissing is the day I kill myself out of shame.

This fic has been moved! It is now at AO3.

Look, I don't know either, okay? It's like it just vomited itself out of my head into Microsoft Word.

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...even though I know this one's all my fault.

I can't help it.