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I told [ profile] staple_madness about [ profile] bendingsignpost's excellent The World on His Wrist, and she asked for a link. Me being... the way I am... this turned into a trawl through my pinboard account looking for Sherlock fics she probably hadn't read yet. So, here! Have a recs list.

In no particular order )

And there you have it! Sorry I was too lazy to like, write down the author's names and note pairings and warnings and stuff. You'll just have to make do with my ~carefully chosen~ excerpts and/or half-assed reviews.
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In honor of [personal profile] dreamwafflesfinally watching Merlin, I decided to go through my bookmarks and put together a list of my very favoritest Merlin fics, a sort of introduction to the fandom, if you will (or even if you won't). I'm much too lazy to put these in any particular order or organize them by length or rating or what have you, so you're just going to have to put up with my half-assed summaries. Anyway, twenty-two Merlin fics, for whoever wants them:

Cut to save flists )

So there you have it. All I have left to say is that, if anyone is reading this and thinking, "Shock! Horror! My very favoritest Merlin fic is not here!" then I would be an extremely happy penguin if you would comment with a link, and possibly a short description. Remember: the fandom gods smile on those who share good fics with others. Let's all pretend I didn't just pull that out of my butt.


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