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I told [ profile] staple_madness about [ profile] bendingsignpost's excellent The World on His Wrist, and she asked for a link. Me being... the way I am... this turned into a trawl through my pinboard account looking for Sherlock fics she probably hadn't read yet. So, here! Have a recs list.

The World on His Wrist

From the summary I thought this was going to be one of those weird artsy experimental-type things, but holy cow was I wrong. It's certainly unique, but only in the best way. No summary can do this fic justice. All I ask is that you finish the prologue, and if you aren't hooked by then I don't even know what to do with you.

A Brief Account Of Life With Zombies

Mem., move Govt. Cannot have repeat of Prime Minister's Questions. Lucky nobody watches BBC News Channel and thus country is secure in ignorance regarding the fact that Deputy PM attempted to kill and eat PM literally rather than figuratively.

Even Doctors Have Bad Days

Hugs will cure John's depression. Sherlock figured it out with science.

Never Have I Ever

John successfully righted Sherlock and let go. Sherlock sort of swayed in place, but stayed upright. “How pissed are you, Sherlock?”

“Very,” Sherlock said, matter-of-factly. “There is a lot of alcohol in pubs.”

“There's a clever deduction,” John said. He'd never seen Sherlock even remotely tipsy before. He was struggling between laughing and being concerned. He decided he could do both. “Why are you pissed?”

“Because I was drinking,” Sherlock said, managing to sound like his normal superior genius self, despite the slur to his speech. “Alcohol makes you intoxicated.”

“You should really be writing this down,” John said. “It's just one brilliant thought after another."

never enough (high school AUs)

"She's so dreamy," Molly said. "See? I was right."

"You thought Jane Moriarty was dreamy, and she tried to blow up the school." Joanna said.

Sick Day

“I didn't actually become a doctor so that one day I could prescribe Sherlock Holmes medicine,” he said. Sherlock began tapping at the keys again. “I don't know what you have, so I can't give you antibiotics.” Sherlock stopped tapping, hit what John thought was the backspace key several times and started again. “I don't care what kind of insane tests you've run on yourself either.” Sherlock stopped again, backspaced and restarted. “You need to see a doctor.” Sherlock backspaced once more, making a noise of annoyance as he did so and restarted. “I am not your doctor.” Sherlock glared at him and tossed the phone aside, giving up on the conversation.

That was definitely a sign that he wasn't well.

god i pity the violins

really excellent post-reichenbach vid. Set to "All the Rowboats" by Regina Spektor.

Jawn of the Dead

"If anybody could come back as a zombie," Lestrade said, waving his beer can at the screen in what he clearly thought was an explanatory manner, "If anybody could. You know."

"Sherlock," John agreed.

Sincerely, Former Top Button

Every time I read a rant about Sherlock's wardrobe and how shirts are way too tight, I imagine that it's one of his escaped shirt buttons posting anonymously to try and save their brethren.

Waiting To Be Known

John Watson has been saving Sherlock's life for a very long time, even if he doesn't know it.

A Study in Bwankets

Wee!John's blanket is gone, but never fear: wee!Sherlock is on the case. Sort of.

Help, I've died of adorable.

John and Sherlock Make a Baby (From Stuff they Find Around the Flat)

Sherlock had dragged him to a spot across the road from the grammar school in St Alban's Grove. "Look. Look. They're just wandering free at the play structure. It'll take five seconds," said Sherlock.

"No," said John Watson flatly. "And we're leaving."

"They've already got little uniforms on. They're obviously trained."

And there you have it! Sorry I was too lazy to like, write down the author's names and note pairings and warnings and stuff. You'll just have to make do with my ~carefully chosen~ excerpts and/or half-assed reviews.

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