Apr. 20th, 2010

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I have oodles of extra time this quarter due to my accounting class being canceled, so one of my resolutions (along with, get a job that pays more than minimum wage - yeah, that one's not going so well) is to actually do some podficcing. I've been meaning to do this since [personal profile] pi introduced me to the glory of podfic this summer, but I've been sort of stalled due to lack of a good space. I don't want to record in my dorm room, for reasons which, with three non-fannish roommates, should be obvious. But! Seattle U has a 'music room' that anyone can reserve and which is perfect for the job as it is basically just a quiet room in the basement with a door that locks, and you get it completely to yourself for the time you have it reserved. So, yay! That's solved.

My first recording session was from 8-9 pm today. I got about six and a half minutes of podfic out of the experience. >.< To be fair, though, I spent a good chunk of my hour futzing with Audacity in an effort to get it to play nice with my headset. Also cleaning up the music room, because I don't know about you guys, but I find it difficult to embark on a creative endeavor when there is someone's empty take-out box sitting by my elbow. It offends my muse, okay? College students, wtf.

I have the room reserved for two hours tomorrow, and hopefully things should go smoother. This time, I am not forgetting my water bottle.


nianeyna: Morgana from BBC's Merlin (Default)

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