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Nia ([personal profile] nianeyna) wrote2011-03-23 10:31 pm
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so, apparently today everyone decided to make cookies. IDEK, MY FLIST SUDDENLY EXPLODED WITH SUGARY GOODNESS, DON'T ASK ME. Anyway, I kind of wanted to make cookies, but I'm... lazy... so I just, like, replaced all the cup measures in my chocolate chip cookie recipe with tablespoons and made a single serving of cookie dough (okay it was probably more like three or four servings, WHATEVS I DO WHAT I WANT). So... POST YOUR COOKIE RECIPES IN THE COMMENTS! :D :D :D I'll edit this post with my chocolate chip cookie recipe when I get back to my apartment, because I'm pretty sure you'll want more than just the proportions of flour, butter, and sugar, which is all I could remember off the top of my head. Which, I mean, it makes for pretty good cookie dough in a pinch, but it probably wouldn't turn out too well if you tried to actually bake it.